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  • Course Version/Publication Date: December 14, 2011

    Welcome to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) online Grants Financial Management training. This training is designed for individuals responsible for the financial administration of discretionary and/or formula grants awarded from Federal grant-in-aid programs administered by various bureaus and offices at DOJ, including the:

    • Office of Justice Programs
    • Office of Community Oriented Policing Services
    • Office on Violence Against Women

    In its 24 modules, this training emphasizes the basics of Federal grants management. The topics discussed are similar to the ones covered in the 2-day Regional Financial Management seminars hosted by the DOJ Office of the Chief Financial Officer each year. DOJ is offering this online version of the regional seminars to give you, a current grantee, the ability to complete Federal grants management training from your desktop in place of traveling to the onsite trainings. The only prerequisite for taking this online training is that you must be a direct award recipient with a current grant and/or cooperative agreement as awarded by one of the DOJ bureaus or offices listed.

    The training modules offered are:

    1. Financial Management Systems
    2. Federal Award Notification and Acceptance Procedures
    3. Administrative Rules
    4. Cost Principles
    5. Cost Documentation
    6. Program Income
    7. Conference Planning, Costs, and Reporting
    8. Supplanting
    9. Procurement under Awards of Federal Assistance
    10. Property, Equipment, and Other Capital Expenditures
    11. Payroll and Benefit Services
    12. Subawards
    13. Match or Cost Sharing Requirements
    14. Financial Budget Analysis
    15. Indirect Costs
    16. Availability of Funds
    17. Payments/GPRS
    18. Grant Award Adjustments
    19. Reporting Requirements
    20. Program Performance Monitoring
    21. Financial Monitoring and Audit Requirements
    22. High Risk Grantees
    23. Grant Fraud
    24. Award Closeout

    If you are currently involved with the financial management of a DOJ award from one of the Bureaus or Offices listed above, please select the General Information tab to learn more about the course and decide if this is the right training option for you.

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